Our fruit tea sips are loaded with fresh  fruit bits

Tutti Fruity

Strawberry, mango, lychee flavors & strawberry mango bits


Lychee Explosion

Lychee, peach flavors with lychee fruit bits


Mango Fuzz

Mango, peach flavors with mango fruit bits


Green Tea / Black Tea

Green / Black tea with strawberry, mango, pineapple bits



Calamansi mango tea + chia seeds & mango fruit bits 



Grapefruit flavor with ruby grapefruit bits



Green apple lychee tea + chia seeds & green apple fruit bits

Passion Paradise

Passion fruit peach tea + mango fruit bits

Honey Delight

Honey jasmine green tea + chia seeds &

strawberry fruit bits/aloe vera

Berry Blossom 

Strawberry, raspberry flavors with strawberry bits



Original Milk Tea

Rich golden black milk tea + honey boba/red bean


Jasmine Milk Tea

Rich jasmine milk tea + honey boba/red bean


Apple Jack

Rich caramel green apple milk tea + honey boba/red bean


Buzzin' Berry

Rich honey strawberry milk tea + honey boba & strawberry fruit bits


Hot Milk Tea

Rich milk tea + whipped cream


Our snow sips are made with real whole fruits & topped with fresh fruit bits

Strawberry Chiller

Blended fresh strawberry + mango fruit bits

Raspberry Breeze

Blended raspberry & fresh strawberry + pineapple fruit bits

Mango Freeze

Blended fresh mango + strawberry fruit bits

Lychee Cooler

Blended fresh lychee + pineapple fruit bits


Our smoothies are made with real whole fruits & topped with house whipped cream

Caribbean Breeze

Blended fresh strawberry, pineapple & banana


Strawberry Fusion

Blended fresh strawberry & banana


Strawberry Frenzy

Blended fresh strawberry


Avocado Overload

Blended fresh rich real avocado


Mango Tango

Blended fresh mango



Blended blueberry & fresh banana



Blended caramel iced frappe + honey boba & egg pudding. (no fruit)


Popcorn Chicken


Vietnamese Tacos


Potato Twisters